Your energy, our solution.

It’s time for change.
ONPOWER are a forward thinking innovative energy business, providing procurement strategies to UK business consumers.

OnPower Business Energy, a consultancy created to serve in the mid-market arena. We believe this is where we can make the biggest difference. For too long the very largest energy users have benefited from the best service and packages from energy suppliers.

We believe, due to our industry experience, and our flexible approach we can level the playing field. Our goal is to create long lasting, value add relationships, where we work together as partners to help you achieve your energy strategy.

We have no outside shareholders who we must answer to. We have no allegiance to a supplier. We have no set way to approach your energy strategy. We have the impartiality, the experience and the flexibility, to create a contract that is truly bespoke to you and your business needs.

Our Approach

An energy strategy developed together. There is no ‘one size fits all’, when it comes to business energy strategy…this is at the heart of our approach.

Aggregating Volume

We take a holistic approach to energy procurement, taking into account your entire portfolio, getting you the best group deal.

Data Handling

We handle the complex data requirements and then present our findings to you in a very simple and easy to understand way.​


We then apply this strategy, taking care of everything for you, keeping you updated throughout the contract duration.

Your Strategy and Timescales

We can place your contracts within very specific timescales to suit all your requirements and your agreed strategy.​ ​​

Fixed or Flexible

An at-a-glance view


With a fixed price contract, you make a single transaction at a prevailing commodity price. This is the price you pay for the duration of the contract.

Key Benefits

Price certainty, as you know what you will be paying for your contract duration

Risk Considerations

Risky due to big market volatility and inability to sell back

Key Requirements

Businesses that require budget certainty


With a flexible contract, you make multiple buying decisions throughout your contract. You decide when you buy and how much energy you buy each time.

Key Benefits

Less risky than locking in one single price. Multiple buying decisions means you can apply a strategy

Risk Considerations

Can have the same risk as fixed, unless you deploy an effective strategy to mitigate this risk

Key Requirements

Business that either have the appetite for risk, or the infrastructure to manage their consumption during peak periods

It all comes down to you

Our role is to advise and ultimately ensure you get the right energy strategy for your business.